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Okay so this will be a little bit different since it’s the reunion. Honestly I love these reunions because we get a fresh batch of dirt and drama that almost always carries over into the next challenge. Also it’s a time to see what horrendous fashion choices the competitors are currently making. Looks like Laurel’s lion mane is exhibit A. I won’t do as much straight recapping as I have in the past and try to limit it to my opinions and observations. Here we go…

-Laurel wins the award for worst hair. Will they pay her $100,000 for that? When will that show be starting? Cara Maria might give her a run for her money though.

-I hate the filler on these shows. I remember what happened. No need to remind me. Especially this stuff that happened last week. I’d rather see some outtakes and more interviews. These people yell enough that I’m sure they said some interesting things. No need to recap … Continue reading

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This is it. This week is for all the marbles. We saw the beginning of the final challenge last week. Paula and Ev took a slight lead over Laurel and Cara Maria with Wes and Mandi lagging very very far behind. I think it’s safe to say that Jenn will finish another challenge with no payday. For the dudes it looked as though Johnny Backpacks and Tyler opened up a big lead over Wes and Kenny and Mike and Leroy. I’m not feeling as though Tyler is going to have the energy to finish first in this, but I could be surprised. Judging by the previews it looks like they have some extra surprises in store for everyone.

-Right away Kenny and Wes pass Johnny and Tyler. Johnny knows he has no chance with a weakened Tyler. Mike and Leroy know they have no chance at all. I’m guessing that Wes and Kenny figured out their kayak was going backwards

-So now the … Continue reading

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Welcome back everyone. We are getting down to the end. Once we get past this drama-fest where CT tells everyone to get off of him before he starts crushing skulls and eating them, we will have the final mens JUNGLE. I can assure you nothing will happen with this little blowup. This is a final grasp by Johnny Backpacks and Tyler to set off CT and try to sneak into the final. It won’t work. Judging by clips of that final JUNGLE and the flying helmets, it’s going to be a long day for Backpacks and Tyler. They flew under the radar for so long and now they have to finally face elimination.

This episode I expect drama at the bar, commercial break, fallout from aforementioned drama at the bar into the JUNGLE, commercial break, a crushed skull, and all you can eat buffet, some celebration of the final teams, some commercial breaks and leaving us hanging until next week when we see the … Continue reading

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